Metropolitan Aerial Surveys Photogrammetric Services Include:
o Aerial photography
o Airborne GPS
o Analytical aerotriangulation
o Digital contours
o Digital planimetric features
o Digital orthophotography
o Geodetic control and ground survey o DTM and DEM compilation
o Historical aerial film archive
o Photo enlargements, wall displays and prints
o Route/corridor mapping
o Volume computation
Aerial Photography and Aerial Data Acquisition
Metropolitan Aerial Surveys can obtain new aerial photography and digital imagery with airborne GPS or conventional ground survey. We can provide imagery at scales of 1:100 feet to 1:3,000 feet captured by a variety of platforms from traditional aerial film to digital sensors. Metropolitan Aerial Surveys can also provide processing to support DTM and contour mapping.
Digital Orthophotography and Digital Image Processing
Utilizing the latest technology in film scanning, rectification and image balancing Metropolitan Aerial Surveys can provide digital orthophotography and image processing to support ground resolutions from one inch to one meter. Metropolitan Aerial Surveys also has the ability to match existing imagery with current imagery.
Digital Terrain Modeling and Digital Elevation Modeling
 Metropolitan Aerial Surveys can provide DTM and DEM data to support your elevation modeling needs to support volume computation, contour generation, cross-sections, and other applications requiring accurate elevation data for corridor mapping or block area mapping.
Topographic and Planimetric Mapping
The Metropolitan Aerial Surveys softcopy photogrammetric processing capabilities can provide you with half-foot to ten-foot contours while capturing the smallest visible planimetric features meeting NMAS and ASPRS standards for accuracy.
Metropolitan Aerial Surveys offers a complete line of high-quality photogrammetric products and services performed by our experienced certified photogrammetrists, registered public land surveyors, and photogrammetric stereo compilers. These products and services have been successfully employed by the following industries:
• Architects
• Attorneys
• Councils of government
• Developers, planners and surveyors
• Electric and water utilities
• Emergency management jurisdictions
• Engineers
• Environmentalists 
• Federal and state agencies
• Forestry
• Mining companies
• Municipalities, counties and parishes
• Oil and gas
• Pipeline operators and engineers
• Ranchers
• Real estate companies
• River authorities