Metropolitan Aerial Surveys's philosophy has been to build an integrated mapping organization which will bring our clients the highest level of professional ability at a practical and cost efficient manner. Below is a list of Metropolitan's capabilities:
Aerial photography is flown using Wild RC 30 precision aerial mapping cameras. We contract with three different Texas flying services to provide the needed aerial photography.
Ground control is accomplished using our survey grade GPS equipment which is supplemented with conventional survey equipment. Analytical aerial triangulation to densify the map control is done in house with the KLT KATS software or Wild BC2 first order stereoplotter which is used with the Aero Sys Triangulation software.
Softcopy (digital stereo plotter) is used to produce digital maps and orthographic photographs using scanned photographs, the computer and Atlas softcopy computer programs. Our softcopy setup is used to produce accurately scaled aerial photographs (orthophotos) and topographic maps.
Map editing is done using the KLT Atlas software, with line plotting being complied using our new Hewlett Packard DesignJet Z6100ps printer. Most of the digital files are translated to AutoCAD 2010 or Microstation formats for delivery to the client.
We have an in-house black and white photo lab facilities for film processing, photo printing, and diapositive printing. Also, our Hewlett Packard Design color printer is used to print both black & white and color aerial photographs from digital photographic images.
Metropolitan has had an opportunity to provide quality products to federal, state, county, and city governments, engineering firms, surveyors, developers, landfill operators, and many others.